Camp Registration Form

Please fill in this form, complete appropriate payment option and submit.  Additional forms will be emailed to you that must be completed and returned at camp check-in.  You may also download the forms here.   After registering please camp fee here.   Registration and payment are required to hold your spot.

Check one: Registering as a Camper
Registering as a Coach
Parent / Guardian Name: Attending Camper or Coach  Name: Street Address: City, State, Zip Code: Phone Number: Email: Camper Date of Birth: Camper Grade: Camper Weight: School or Club Name: Camper's Coach Name if Attending: Emergency Contact Name: Emergency Contact Phone: Medical Insurance Company: Medical Insurance Policy #: Please check the appropriate box: I am attending as a Commuter Camper with NO Meal Ticket I am attending as a Commuter Coach

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